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  • Cool Down with a Ksheeradhara Treatment

    January 06, 2020 1 min read

    Cool Down with a Ksheeradhara Treatment
    Cool down with a Ksheeradhara treatment

    Second day of Summer, and yes it is very hot here in Perth today. ☀️☀️☀️

    A wonderful treatments to cool the body and mind is a Ksheeradhara treatment.
    This is the therapeutic application of medicated ksheera/ milk with a rhythmic flow on the forehead.

    The cow’s milk is processed with herbs having cooling potency (sheeta virya) such as candana/ sandalwood, yasthimadhu/ licorice, amalaki/ indian gooseberry, musta and shatavari.

    Ksheeradhara has great benefits in the treatment of insomnia, psychological imbalance, mental tensions, excess heat, burning sensation in the head and eyes, premature greying and headaches due to Vata Pitta imbalance.

    To see if this treatment is suitable for you, you are welcome to call us on ph: 0406810547 or email:

    We hope you stay cool today. With love from the Lakshmi team 

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    During the Summer, the sun evaporates the moisture of the earth and therefore induces hot, dry and sharp qualities in the atmosphere, resulting in Pitta aggravation. In Summer sweet, cold, liquid and fatty food and drinks are beneficial. One should avoid or minimise excessive exercise, alcohol, and diets which are salty, sour and pungent, or hot. In Summer time one should enjoy forests, gardens, flowers and cool water. During the night one should sleep on the open airy roof of the house, which is cooled by the rays of the moon.
    Charaka Samhita