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  • Karpooradi thailam preparation at Lakshmi Ayurveda.

    November 16, 2021 1 min read

    Karpooradi thailam preparation at Lakshmi Ayurveda.
    Karpooradi Thailaim is a classical Ayurvedic oil. The main ingredients is Camphor (Cinnamomum Camphora) and sesame oil. I am sure you are used to the smell of Vicks, Tiger Balm or Physio creams as most of those have camphor as an ingredient.

    Thousands of years ago Ayurveda knew the positive therapeutic effect Camphor has on the body. Camphor can be produced synthetically, therefore it is important to make sure the camphor you purchase is from natural sources and is steam distilled.

    There are different varieties and only the white camphor should be used. This is what is used for medicinal purposes in China, Japan and india.

    The main uses include:

      1. Improves circulation.

      1. Reduces pain.

      1. Eases stiffness of the joints.

      1. Reduces cramps.

      1. Reduces chest congestion.

      1. Reduces headache.

    This oil is great for purposes mentioned above for massage.

    Caution: Karpooradi or any other camphor products on the market are only for external use and should always kept out of reach of children.

    If you have questions about using this oil it is best to speak with your Ayurvedic Practitioner in regards to its suitability for you.

    This homemade oil will be on the shelves tomorrow!

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