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  • Benefits of Black Sesame Seeds

    June 28, 2019 1 min read

    Benefits of Black Sesame Seeds
    Do you use black sesame seeds in your cooking?

    They have a delicious nutty flavour and are so nutritious.

    In Ayurveda black seed sesame seeds are known for its beneficial effect for Asthi dhatu bone tissue. The oil pressed out of these seeds is know as Tila Taila and is the main base oil used for most Ayurvedic herbal oils

    Black seed sesame seeds are very rich in Calcium, magnesium, a high source of fibre, zinc, B vitamins, Phosphorous, Vitamin E, copper and Iron. Which makes them so beneficial for your body and mind.

    Here are ten reasons to eat more black sesame seeds:

    1. Improve your digestive health
    2. Strengthen your bones
    3. Strengthen you hair and nails
    4. Has an anti ageing effect
    5. Supports in lactation
    6. Reduce inflammation
    7. Good for your heart ❤️
    8. Respiratory and vascular health
    9. Helps to reduce anxiety
    10. Helpful in premenstrual syndrome

    Just amazing how many health benefits are found in these nutritious seeds.
    We turned the black sesame seeds into a delicious Bindi ball for a yummy snack using almond meal, orange peel, dried rose petals, cardamom, honey and cinnamon for you to enjoy after your treatment.

    With Love from Lakshmi Ayurveda