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  • Are you a carrot Lover? 

    December 21, 2021 1 min read

    Are you a carrot Lover? 
    Carrots are called Gajar in Hindia. Carrots is a root vegetable mostly bright an orange in colour but purple carrots are also available on the Australian market. 

    The Ayurvedic properties include:

      • Taste: sweet and bitter.

      • Qualities: light and sharp.

      • Vipaka/ post digestive taste: madhura.

      • Virya/ potency: ushna, heating.

      • Dosha: calming for Vata and Kapha, disturbers Pitta if eaten in excess.

    Some of the actions of carrots include:

      1. Deepana / improves digestion 

      1. Bloating 

      1. Krimi 

      1. Colicky pain 

    In cooked carrots the beta carotene content is higher over raw carrots.

    Beta carotene is a compound that gives the yellow, orange and red colour to vegetables. In the body this is converted to retinol (Vitamin A) known as the vital nutrient for vision, immunity and maintaining that health of organs such as the heart, lungs and kidneys.

    What are your favourite carrot recipes? So delicious in soups, curries and cakes.

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