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Yoga Teacher Training

Yesterday I have finished my 2 year yoga teacher training amongst all those amazing women.
You might not know but I always try to be early to attend my yoga class as I love to get a space in the back row.
This was not possible at our final practical, when roles changed and I was in front teaching. Ha ha yes I was very nervous!
At the end of the class I felt so blissful, humbled and grateful for having had this opportunity.
The feedback for my teaching “It was soothing and melodic – we could listen to you the whole day” . Thank you for the kind feedback. My husband wasn’t sure wether to agree on it 🙂
A heartfelt thanks and love to our wonderful Teacher Tamara who said we taught the most stunning and seamless class.
In Grattitude Karin XX
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  1. Bec Swan
    Bec Swan says:

    Karin, I completely agree with your feedback! Your voice is a wonderful gift and I could honestly listen to you speak all day. Not only due to your beautiful voice but also because you are so knowledgeable and have a special way of making complex ideas accessible for us mere mortals. I’m so inspired by you and have been studying Ayurveda today. I’m going to make the Digestive tea in the morning.


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