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  • Roberta

    I am deeply passionate about spirituality and holistic, traditional medicines, I believe that ancient wisdoms are the keys to the rediscovery of ourselves and our immense potential. Through Ayurveda, I finally took off my foggy glasses and started to observe the world with its infinite colours and nuances. Seeing how everything flows through and thanks to the 5 elements has created a profound awareness and peace within me that I try to transmit in each treatment. 

    I followed the immense knowledge of Deepak Chopra and, after a trip to India for a few months, I decided to continue this path and started the school to become a holistic therapist in Italy, at Atman Veda Academy. My training is always in process, Ayurveda is a teacher lifelong. 

    When people come to me for treatments, I feel infinitely grateful and I try to transmit all my love, from soul to soul because I truly believe that all can (re)discover their immense potential and live a joyful life. Namaste.