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  • Panchakarma Workshop

    Workshop Announcement – We hope you can join us on April 1st for our Panchakarma workshop!

    In this workshop, you will learn about the concept of AMA (digestive toxins) and Ayurvedic therapies and procedures aimed to remove AMA and lead us to improved health.

    Through a series of therapeutic procedures tailored to the client’s individual constitution and imbalance, Panchakarma helps release, melt, loosen, mobilise and eliminate toxins and impurities from bodily issues.

    If you are interested in learning more about Panchakarma or undergoing a treatment program yourself, this workshop will be great for you! Please reach out to us if you have any questions. The workshop is also available online for those who live interstate and internationally.

    Date: April 1st, 2023

    Time: 9am-12pm

    Location: Lakshmi Ayurveda, 13 Suffolk Street in Fremantle

    Cost: $95

    Includes: Morning chai and snacks

    We look forward to spending the morning with you!

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