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  • Marco

    I grew up in Italy and travelled on an adventure to Australia without knowing it would become the place I now call home. Passionate about photography, food, sports, wildlife and the ocean, I try to stay connected through my feet and hands to all the beauty that mother Earth has gifted to us.

    I discovered Ayurveda thanks to my partner’s studies and we both have taken on this journey with curiosity and dedication.

    After receiving my first Abhyanga massage, I experienced the power one can receive through the sense of touch. I have always used my hands in a very technical way to create things and when I decided to study to become a massage therapist, I knew I wanted to use his hands again to channel promote a deep sense of wellbeing.

    I always say: “every time I get to give a massage is like I am practicing on my own body. I want to focus on what I give because it is what I will receive back. And in that energy I put all my passion, dedication and love”

    I also have a great understanding of injuries due to my early sport career as a professional soccer player which lead me through many recovery protocols from personal experience.

    I’ve completed my Abhyanga Ayurvedic therapist certification with Karin. She is a great teacher and I am so grateful to be offering my skills at Lakshmi Ayurveda – I couldn’t ask for better people to work with.