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  • Karin Gunthor (Lakshmi) Consultation

    Ayurvedic Practitioner, B.Sc (Hons) Ayurveda, Yoga Teacher, Trainer and Assessor, Clinic Director & Founder

    Karin is the founder of Lakshmi Ayurveda and has trained and worked previously as a clinical nurse in a variety of healthcare fields including travel health medicine, flight and aviation medicine, emergency care, high dependency care and communicable disease prevention.

    Karin graduated from Manipal University in India with honours and began her practicum at Alvas College, Moodbidri Karnataka under the tutelage and supervision of Dr Aithal. He provided wonderful support and was a fountain of knowledge throughout Karin’s development.

    Karin travels to India on a frequent basis for professional development, to attend and speak at Ayurvedic conferences.

    Karin is a professional member of the Australasian Association of Ayurveda and previously served as the state representative for Western Australia.

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    • Our initial consultation lasts 60 to 75 Minutes.

      The cost for the consultation is $255.00

    • The cost for a 45 Minute follow up consultation is $95.00

    • The cost for a 1 Hour follow up consultation is $120.00

    • Cost: $520.00

      60-75 minute Initial Ayurvedic Consultation See the above information about an initial Ayurvedic consultation.

      60-minute follow-up 2 weeks after the initial consultation. Review and make adjustments where necessary. Additional in-depth and personalised nutrition is discussed.

      1-week Ayurvedic food plan A food plan will be tailored to align with your goals and suit your needs based on time constraints, personal preferences, and dietary requirements. This plan will be discussed and designed in your second consultation.

      60-minute follow-up 2-3 weeks after receiving the food plan. In this consultation, we will review your Ayurvedic food plan, lifestyle, herbs and make adjustments if needed.

    • Initial Fertility Consultation: $255.00

      Ayurvedic medicine approaches fertility by treating both male and females. The ancient system of medicine gives guidance to couples in times of pre-conception, conception, and postpartum.

      During your initial Ayurvedic consultation, a treatment program, as well as lifestyle and herbal supplementation will be suggested.

    • 50 minutes for $95.

      Private student mentoring sessions with Karin.