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  • January 2023 Marma Workshop with Dr Shishir Prasad

    Marma Workshop with Dr. Shishir Prasad.

    An opportunity of a lifetime!

    We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Shishir Prasad will be visiting Lakshmi Ayurveda on the 20th and 21st of January.

    It is an honour to welcome Dr. Shishir Prasad visiting from India to share his depth of knowledge in Ayurveda and Marma Chikitsa. 

    Dr Shishir Prasad is truly an Ayurvedic master and expert of marma therapy.

    What is marma therapy?

    A Marma vital point is a vital energy point located on the surface of the body.
    The Ayurvedic text describes 107 Marma points located on a human body. These points are vital as the are infused with prana, the life force and imbued with consciousness. Those Marma points serve as a bridge between the body, mind and soul. Marma points are located at anatomical sites where veins, arteries, tendons, bones or joints intersect. 

    Is this workshop for me?

    The workshop is suitable for all who are interested in improving their own health and those of their clients, friends and family. The workshop is particularly useful for but not limited to yoga teachers, physiotherapists, Ayurvedic Practitioners and massage therapists. Great for all backgrounds and anyone with a genuine interest in Ayurveda and learning more about Marma Therapy is welcome.

    About Dr. Shishir Prasad.

    Dr. Shishir Prasad is a world-renowned Marma Specialist, traveling internationally delivering Marma Therapy presentations, workshops and lectures. He has worked with the World Association of Former United Nations Interns and Fellows at the UN Headquarters in New York, is a member of the Expert Committee on Marma Chikitsa of CCRAS, Government of India and AYUSH Curriculum Expert Member AIIMS in Rishikesh. He is also the Founder of the International Marma Science and Yoga Foundation, professor and Ayurvedic Doctor based in Dehradun, India.  Throughout the weekend, Dr. Shishir will guide participants to identify Marma Points and explain their importance for overall health and wellbeing with hands on practical training. His goal is to empower people to heal through Marma Therapy.

    Develop the tools to help bring balance to your body and mind through marma stimulation.

    Workshop Date: January 20th-21st

    Time: 9am-4pm each day.

    Cost: $590.

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