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    Tasmai Sree Gurave Namaha

    Who is Guru? Guru is a remover of darkness. These individuals provide guidance to see into our nature, our soul, the truth. Blessing us with their teachings, we thank you for your self-less service.

    Dear Guruji Dr Mahadevan Lakshmanasarma, I am so grateful for all your kind words written about me. I feel so blessed to be your student. Words cannot express the immense gratitude and the impact your guidance, teaching has made in my life. I bow to you again and again. Thank you for the knowledge and wisdom you share with so many students around the world. My Ayurvedic practice I owe all to you. Thank you for gifting me all your books, constant support and guidance.

    Namaskaram, Jai Ayurveda

    Karin Lakshmi

    Karin regularly visits Dr Mahadevan’s Gurukulam in the beautiful area of the Tamil Nadu. Dr Mahadevan is an inspiration to Karin and a Guru of Ayurveda. He provides Karin with support, teaching and guidance to this day and is closely associated with Lakshmi Ayurveda Academy.