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  • Shastika Shali Treatment Information

    Shastika Shali Treatment

    Shastika Shali Pinda Sveda – a deeply invigorating massage using small linen bags filled with a specially, prepared rice. The rice is prepared in milk and mixed with a special herbal decoction. The bags are evenly massaged from the neck downwards to induce sweat. This is highly rejuvantive, nourishing and strengthening. It helps to improve the overall appearance of the skin.

    Shastika Shali Preparation

    • Avoid eating immediately before the treatment. Eating 1-2 hours prior to appointment time is advised.
    • Urinate prior to the start of the treatment.
    • Wear old clothing in case of any milk remnants. We have a shower on premises if you prefer to shower after your treatment. Bring a scarf or hat to wear after the treatment during winter months.

    What to Expect?

    • If you are a new client, you will fill in the treatment case sheet upon arrival at the clinic.  If you are a returning client, please inform us of any health changes since your last visit.
    • The massage will start in the sitting position with a back, head and neck massage. The bundles will be used to massage the body.
    • You will then move to the massage table for the full body shastika shali massage.
    • Upon completion of the massage you will sit in the steam bath for a few minutes. Be aware that the steam chamber is much stronger than the typical sauna or steam so the time required is shorter in duration.

    After-care for Shastika Shali

    • Avoid travelling and busy shopping centres.
    • Avoid going to beach and extreme weather conditions.
    • Do not lie in the sun with the oil on afterwards!
    • Eat when properly hungry.
    • Shower before bed and avoid hot water for the head.

    Shastika Shali Bookings