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  • Utsadana (Dry Powder & Oil Massage)

    Treatment Duration: 90 minutes.


    Utsadana treatment includes a mix of herbal powders and oil. Similar to Udvarthanam treatment, this is a specialised herbal treatment for weight reduction. An herbal paste of oil and powder is applied all over the body and deeply massaged with specific movements to improve the circulatory system and aiding the metabolic activity.

    This is highly beneficial in reducing excess fat, toning the skin and muscle. Ideal for obesity, promotes good complexion of the skin, it revitalises the sense of touch. Utsadana is best performed on a daily basis of at least 7 sessions.

    This treatment is traditionally performed in India prior to a special event, such as a wedding. Herbs such as Sariva, Yasthimadhu (liquorice), Sandalwood and more are combined with Saffron oil and massaged over the body to enhance the glow of complexion.

      Treatment Price:
      $220 – 90 minutes