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  • Sveda Phala in the Ashtanga Hridaya

    March 18, 2021 1 min read

    Sveda Phala in the Ashtanga Hridaya

    Sveda Phala explains the effects of sudation (sweat inducing) therapy in Ayurveda.

    The reference for this information is in the Ashtanga Hridaya, Sutrasthana chapter 17.

    To expand upon our post yesterday about the Valuka Sveda sand bundle treatment, the classical texts teach us that the application of poultice is one kind of sweat inducing therapy.

    Sveda, which is another name for sudation, is of four kinds. These include:

    1. Tapa (fomentation) which can be done by touching the body with a heated cloth.

    2. Upanaha which is the application of poultice.

    3. Usma (application of warm steam).

    4. Drava (warm medicated liquid) poured over the entire body or localised area.

    The sweating treatment most suited for you will be suggested during an Ayurvedic consultation. Each of these sudation treatments are performed here at the clinic!

    If you are interested in becoming an Ayurvedic therapist and learning more about treatments, our abhyanga massage therapist course would be the perfect place to start! We have a few spots available for the course starting on March 31st and ending on April 4th. Additional details are in our bio or you are welcome to contact us directly!

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