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  • Rudraksha Beads.

    September 15, 2021 1 min read

    Rudraksha Beads.
    We were recently gifted with a genuine Rudraksha bead. How beautiful and intricate they are!

    Have you seen these beautiful beads? Perhaps you have your own Rudraksha. Known as the ‘Tears of Shiva’, these beads are known for their mental, physical and spiritual benefits.

    It is said that Shiva was meditating for a long period of time, so still, and the only thing moving were tears of bliss flowing from his gently closed eyes which turned to Rudraksha.

    Mentally, wearing Rudraksha is said to help bring a sense of mental peace and balance.

    Spiritually, these beads are said to aid in meditation practice. They also are said to be protecting in nature, ward off negative energies and cleanse ones aura. Physically they are known for helping to bring balance to many of the bodily systems.

    But beware! There are look-alike beads that are actually poisonous in nature. It is important to find a credible source to purchase your beads. The most potent are said to come from the Himalayas.

    There are different opinions as to when one should wear rudraksha. Some say all the time, others advise not to wear during the night. It is best to speak with your spiritual teacher regarding how to wear the beads.

    See below for links on more information about Rudraksha.

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