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  • Panchakarma testimonial - Virechana and Basti treatment

    January 13, 2012 1 min read

    Thank you for the introduction to Ayurveda you opened my mind and body to this wonderful world of healing and has given me a much deeper understanding and appreciation of Ayurveda.You truly are a wonderful person with such compassion and professionalism that compliments the wonderful work you do.Throughout the weeks I felt so well cared for, you guided me through every treatment with such detail and loving care.

    After experiencing years of operations,medications and accumulated toxins in my body I am now feeling totally energized and rejuvenated and in a much healthier and happy position within myself.Panchakarma has been an amazing life changing experience the effects are truly profound.

    Karin I am forever grateful for the tremendous amount of love and support you offered me throughout the weeks you are so inspirational and committed.

    Kind Regards


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