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  • Panchakarma Testimonial

    February 02, 2014 1 min read

    I am so happy about my improved wellbeing. The clarity of mind achieved by Ayurveda lifestyle is hard to surpass. It just keeps on getting better. I have done two Panchakarma’s, once you make to time to do it properly you won’t look back.  The hardest thing is creating the right environment for the Panchakarma and coming to terms with relaxing and not doing anything for three weeks. It is recommended to just walk, read or just do little bit of gardening which is very important to so that you get the full benefits.

    It is a bit of a luxury to have someone with such knowledge for consultations who is meticulous about performing authentic treatments. Something rarely found, Karin is more than happy to answer questions, give support, and enjoys seeing the positive outcomes that are achieved.

    Thank you for sharing this - Warmly Karin


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