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  • MISUSE OF THE SENSES. In Sanskrit: Asatmya indriyartha Samyoga.

    January 13, 2022 2 min read

    MISUSE OF THE SENSES. In Sanskrit: Asatmya indriyartha Samyoga.
    Misuses of the senses results in imbalance in the body and mind, leading to the formation of AMA, toxins within the body.

    Today we will look specifically at misuses of the sense of sight. Senses can be overused, underused or be emotionally harmful. 

    How can we misuse the sense of sight? A misuse we often see here at the clinic is working at a computer for long periods or constantly straining your eyes.

    Underuse of the sense of sight can create an increasingly tamasic mind. The purpose is not to completely shut off our sight from the outside world, but to ingest wholesome material for our wellbeing. Emotionally harmful misuse of senses can include partaking in sensory stimuli which is not moral or exposure to negative influences on the balance of the mind and body.

    How can we use our sense of sight more wisely? The practice of Pratyahara is one of the limbs of yoga and encourages us to move from being focused on outside influences towards inwards exploration. Gently closing our eyes, we quiet our minds and increase awareness

    Our society is sensory overloaded, especially stimulated by sight. By practicing pratyahara we are able to withdraw our senses to remain centred and balanced in the mind and body.

    In addition to Pratyahara practice, below are a few practical suggestions you can add to your eyecare routine.

      • Keep the eyes hydrated - we have Ayurvedic eyedrops available in the shop.

      • Rosewater on the eyes.

      • Resting eyes when tired.

      • Refraining from too much screen time. Take a rest when the eyes become strained.

      • Ayurvedic treatments such as akshi tarpana.

    Bookings are available via the link in our bio.

    Wishing you a great day!

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