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  • Marma Therapy Course

    March 18, 2021 2 min read

    Marma Therapy Course

    Have you heard of Marma points or Marma therapy?

    Dr Shishir Prasad’s next advance course in Marma therapy is starting soon!!

    Great for all ayurveda practitioners, therapists, physiotherapists, yoga teachers, naturopath and everyone else in the field of healthcare and interest in learning authentic Marma therapy skills.

    A Marma vital point is a vital energy point located on the surface of the body. The Ayurvedic text describes 107 Marma points located on a human body. These points are vital as they are infused with prana, the life force and imbued with consciousness. Those Marma points serve as a bridge between the body, mind and soul. Marma points are located at anatomical sites where veins, arteries, tendons, bones or joints intersect.

    Acharya Sushrut has defined Marmas as the anatomical sites where mamsa, sira, snayu, asthi, sandi unite and by nature prana resides here. ?

    The Sanskrit word Marma means mortal or a vulnerable points. The word is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Mar’ which means to kill, highlighting that certain Marmani related to the heart, trache, head, navel, bladder and anus are so vital that damage can cause instant death.

    Marma therapy is the art of stimulating the Marma points exactly at the right time, correct place for re channelization of energy, yielding better energy flow and optimum therapeutic effects at physical, psychological and spiritual levels.

    This is a skill that is best learned from an expert. We are so happy to have Dr Shishir Prasad a true Ayurvedic master and guru of Marma Chikitsa.

    His next course “Advance course in Marma therapy” is starting on the 27th of March 2021. An opportunity not to be missed.

    Please see the course flyer for the schedule. A great course for anyone looking to learn practical skills that can be used at home and to improve your professional skills. Lots of hands on practical training given in the live sessions.

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