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  • Lemons and Ayurveda

    July 12, 2021 2 min read

    Lemons and Ayurveda

    We are enjoying the abundance of lemons ? in Perth at the moment! This citrus fruit is diverse in the many ways we can use it. From household cleaning ? numerous tea recipes ? in garnishing and cooking, this fruit is cherished in every Ayurvedic home.

    From an Ayurvedic perspective, Lemon has cleansing properties. It is called Jambeera in Sanskrit. It is known for its high Vitamin C content. The citric acid helps to improve digestive disorders. It is sour in taste and has a heating effect on the body therefore can increase Pitta dosha ? if over consumed.

    Tea Recipes: One of our favourites - Lemon ? ginger and honey ? tea. So good for boosting the digestive ? , cleansing the bodily channels especially the annavaha srotas (gastro-intestinal) and mutravaha srotas (urinary channels), immune boosting properties, etc. Make sure the honey is raw and to wait until the tea is cool enough to drink before adding!

    Tulsi ?and Lemon: Great for lung health and congestion.

    Cleaning: Citrus ? is great for anti-bacterial surfaces and fresh smell. The citric acid is great for scrubbing away at discoloured surfaces and removing stains.

Treatments: Salted Lemon Foot ?? Scrub. This will help to improve circulation and revitalise the nervous system. The grounding effect of the lemon cleanse also is great for activating apana vayu and reducing inflammation within the body.

    Jambeera ? Pinda Sveda: This unique ayurvedic treatment is done by preparing a medicinal lemon poultice with herbs prepared in a bundle and used to massage into the body. Heat, pressure and oil are applied simultaneously. So great for treating muscle stiffness, spasm, strains and joint pains.

    Grapefruit are specifically in season at the moment. From an Ayurvedic perspective its Rasa (tastes) include sweet, sour and pungent or bitter depending on the variation of grapefruit. This makes is great for its impact on the liver and bile production. As a result it helps improve and cleanse the digestive tract and stomach.

    How are you using lemon ? at home?

    If you are interested in booking in for our Jambeera Pinda Sveda treatment you are welcome to contact us to make a booking. The link is in our bio!

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