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  • As we move into the season of Autumn …

    March 22, 2022 2 min read

    As we move into the season of Autumn …
    According to Ayurveda, what is the best treatment to undergo during Autumn?

    Seasonal change is noted as an optimal time to undergo Panchakarma detoxification treatments in Ayurveda.

    Autumn = Vata season.


    Autumn = Pitta Provocation season.

    What does this mean? Read more below.

    The qualities of Vata increase and more dryness, roughness, cold and mobility increase with Autumn. With these changes, we should make subtle alterations to our routine and eating habits to encourage an easy seasonal transition.

    Moving out of Summer season, Pitta Dosha is in a state of provocation, called prakopa in Ayurveda. Therefore we would focus on undergoing Ayurvedic cleansing procedures geared to cleanse the organs associated with Pitta - such as the liver, gall bladder, spleen and small intestine.

    Excess Pitta in the system can manifest in the organs mentioned above - often resulting in rashes, inflammation of the skin, acne and increased body heat 

    Virechana Karma is the best cleanse for this.

    What is the process of Virechana?

    A herbal laxative is administered in the early morning to expel malas (waste products) and toxins in the downwards direction ⬇️ After the virechana herbs are administered, a series of loose bowel movements will follow.

    In addition to Virechana, it is also important that we keep Vata Dosha balanced during this time. Basti enema treatments are the best detox program to balance Vata Dosha. A combination of Virechana and Basti treatments are ideal for this season. 

    Other tips for Autumn:

      • Follow your daily routine as recommended by your practitioner.

      • Abhyanga oil massage daily at home - great for calming the nervous system, encouraging healthy sleeping patterns, strengthening the body and improving circulation.

      • Moist, nourishing and grounding foods are recommended.

      • Refrain from eating raw, cold and light food, as they will further aggravate the already heightened state of Vata.

    You are welcome to book in a consultation with one of our practitioners to discuss a seasonal cleanse appropriate for you. Booking is available via the link in our bio ✨

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