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  • How to use honey

    June 05, 2024 2 min read

    How to use honey

    From an Ayurvedic perspective, honey is widely used for its healing properties. It is included in many Ayurvedic formulations - some of which we make here in the Lakshmi Kitchen.


    Honey has a scraping action, called lekhana in Ayurveda. This makes it suitable for those desiring weight loss, as it helps to scrape accumulated toxins and fat. It is also known for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. A few honey tips for you:


    🐝🍯 Honey should never be heated. When adding honey to your tea make sure to wait until the tea is cooled to drinking temperature. Heating honey will destroy the nutritional benefits including the amino acids, enzymes and minerals. Take our Lakshmi Made Ashwagandha Lehyam for example. Honey is a crucial part of the formulation but is added at the end after the paste has cooled to a proper temperature.

    🐝🍯 Use Raw honey. Local is best!

    🐝🍯 If you suffer from allergies and rhinitis, honey mixed with cinnamon can be a powerful and simple home remedy. Take 1 tsp of honey with 1/2 tsp of cinnamon powder followed by warm water.

    🐝🍯 Honey can be added to a face mask to help encourage healing of scars, inflammation and acne.

    🐝🍯 You can apply a layer of honey externally to cuts, wounds and sores to promote healing.

    🐝🍯 Honey, lemon and ginger water taken in the morning on an empty stomach is a great way to aid detoxification.

    🐝🍯 Avoid taking honey and ghee together at equal weight. The classical Ayurvedic texts inform us that he equal proportions taken together are recognized as toxic for the body.

    🐝🍯 Although honey is beneficial for weight loss, it is advised not to take in excess. No more than 3-4 tsp per day is necessary.


    With love from the Lakshmi Team, we hope you enjoy your honey!