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  • Vrana Varti for Splinter Removal

    April 20, 2020 2 min read

    Vrana Varti for Splinter Removal

    Have you had a splinter that you couldn’t remove? Try Vrana Varti

    Vrana is the Sanskrit word for wound. Susruta Samhita has given very detailed explanation about the different types of wounds and treatment.
    He has mentioned sixty different methods of treatments such as pariseka (pouring liquids), abhyanga (anointing), svedana (fomentation), esana (Probing), vyadhana (puncturing), pidana (squeezing), vrana varti ……

    Sushruta describes in the Chikitsa Sthana that it is best when there is a foreign body in a wound to have a minute opening.

    It just happened that my husband stood on a foreign object and left with a splinter in his left heel. 
    It was untreated for 1 week.

    I tried to do pidana (squeezing) but it didn’t work. Not to mention it was very painful for him. 
    So I decided to apply Vrana Varti (medicinal herbs in the shape of the wick of a lamp)

    1. The Vrana Varti can be directly applied on a wound especially where pus does not get easily formed.
    2. It initiates fast healing of the wound and reduces pain and inflammation
    3. Pus forming
    4. Sukshma Mukha/ wounds with small openings.

    Triphala 2gm
    Liquorice 2gm
    Turmeric 2gm
    Guduchi 2gm
    Jaggery as required.

    The fine powder of the herbs are mixed uniformly then the melted jaggery is added and mixed again and a varti is made.

    This Vrana Varti was left on the wound overnight. Amazingly the next morning, I could squeeze the area and pus was formed and the foreign body came out with it.

    “Just a s a burning house is saved by pouring water over it to extinguish the fire, similarly applying paste of drugs, mitigates pain quickly; it is also helpful in bestowing comfort, cleaning the wound, mitigating the swelling, filling the wound and healing it” Susruta Samhita

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