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  • Types of Agni

    June 24, 2020 2 min read

    Types of Agni

    What type of Agni do you have?

    From an Ayurvedic perspective, 4 states of Agni are mentioned in the classical texts. What is agni? Simply explained, agni is our metabolic functioning ? that contributes to our ability to digest, absorb and assimilate food.

    The concept of agni is more complex than it may seem, as there are 13 different Agni within the body. The main agni is called Jathara agni and an Ayurvedic practitioner will assess its functionality and offer recommendations for improvement.

    The 4 types of agni include:
    Vishama Agni.

    Tikshna Agni.

    Manda Agni.

    Sama Agni.

    Are you curious where your agni stands?

    Vishama Agni is often related to imbalanced Vata dosha. Those experiencing Vishama Agni are prone to gas, bloating, erratic appetite, constipation, dry skin, gurgling of the intestines, fear and insomnia.
    Tikshna Agni can be related to the Pitta dosha. Typical symptoms will include a very strong appetite, acidity, aggressive behavior, loose bowel movements, hypoglycemia if meals are skipped, gastritis and skin conditions.

    Manda Agni is related with imbalance of the Kapha dosha. Symptoms include a poor appetite, low thyroid function, excessive mucus production, congestion, overweight, edema, poor lymphatic circulation, excessive sleep, depression and attachment.

    Sama Agni is the goal - a balanced metabolism. These people will experience proper elimination, a balanced weight, normal blood pressure, nourishing sleep, great energy and an overall sense of calm.

    If you identify with any of the variations of agni above, you may want to discuss how to improve your digestion functioning with an Ayurvedic practitioner. Lifestyle, diet and/or herbal recommendations will be offered to move towards a stabalasied metabolism.

    You are welcome to send us a message if you have any questions about your agni. The health of our agni impacts all areas of our life as is a vital assessment during an Ayurvedic examination.

    From the Lakshmi Team, we wish you Sama Agni!