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  • The Lovely Kapha Dosha

    June 24, 2020 2 min read

    The Lovely Kapha Dosha
    The Lovely Kapha Dosha.

    Vata, Pitta and Kapha Doshas. You have most likely heard of the Doshas and can identify parts of yourself and your surroundings relating to each. Can you see Kapha, the product of water and earth elements, around you? We can see it in the solidity of rocks, the groundedness of trees, and the calm nature of an elephant.

    Growing up in the state of Montana in the United States, I was surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains, gently flowing rivers and Glacial lakes - Kapha dosha all around me.
    Although Kapha dosha can be prone to weight gain, laziness, inertia etc., when in balance Kapha dosha is calm, steady and stable, blessed with lustrous hair and eyelashes, with great physical endurance.

    In a time where we are surrounded by excess stimulation through social media, television and activity etc, the nature of grounded Kapha can often be ignored. How can we cultivate a healthy amount of Kapha nature in our lives? As yourself these questions:

    Are you over extending yourself in your personal and professional life?

    Do you feel anxious and have trouble relaxing?

    Do you take the time to truly listen to others?

    If you answered yes, perhaps more grounding practices in your life will help you to turly unwind, ground and steady our mind. These practices can include:

    Yin Yoga for gentle relaxation.

    Being present with the moment, your conversation with others.
    Meditation and pranayama practice.

    It is important to discuss with an Ayurvedic pracitioner regarding your dosha constitution, called Prakruti, to ensure you are following the right practices for you. Over time, we can identify with our imbalances, our Vikruti, which do not show our true constitutional nature.

    To learn about your unique constitution and cultivate greater balance in your life, you are welcome to call/text 0406 810 547 or email for further information. We would love to welcome you to the clinic. With love from Kelsey and the Lakshmi team, have a great rest of your week.