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  • Supporting new Mums and Babies

    May 17, 2022 1 min read

    Supporting new Mums and Babies
    With mothers day approaching, we like to offer gratitude to all the women and nurturers in our lives ✨ Ayurvedic texts describe in detail the ideal practices to support both mum and newborn baby after birth. nCheck out a few more recommendations below.

    Smoke therapy (over genital area) with ayurvedic herbs – this is done with a special designed chair called yoni chair. This treatment is now available here at the clinic!

    Covering the ears - the ears should be protected with a scarf not only just for ten days ideally for 45 days. Alternatively to a scarf you can take a small cotton wool and place it in the ear. This is done to avoid any wind exposure including a fan and air conditioning

    Belly Band – we talked about this in one of our previous posts. The belt supports the now empty and loosened abdomen. This was one of my favourite post partum practices. It felt very comforting and supporting for me

    Padabhyanga – daily foot massage - this is extremely beneficial to balance Vata and Pitta and increase physical strength 

    Ayurvedic herbs – traditional Dashamoola is given to balance Vata and prevent post partum disorders 

    Other recommendations are provided in consultation with one of our practitioners 

    Gift vouchers and appointments available via the link in our bio. Wishing you a great start to the weekend!

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