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  • Soy Milk

    September 22, 2020 2 min read

    Soy Milk

    We have a number of dairy-free clients seek advise about their soy milk consumption. Is it okay that I continue drinking my soy latte?

    Here at Lakshmi Ayurveda we generally do not suggest the use of soy milk for a variety of reasons, a few of which we will briefly explain below. There are many alternative milks available, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.

    The heavy qualities of soy can make it very hard to digest. Soy beans are usually covered in toxic products that help keep bugs ? and pests away. These toxic substances can act as enzyme inhibitors and actually create mineral deficiencies within our body. Some studies have actually shown that soy can inhibit the functioning of the thyroid gland. See below for the link to an interesting article regarding the subject.
    We suggest looking at other plant/nut based milks ? available, such as almond or oat milk. However, it is important to practice caution when purchasing ready made alternative milks. A few recommendations for you below.

    Check the label! Many alternative plant and nut based milks have a number of additives. These include various vegetable oils which can create inflammation in the body as well as added sugars and preservatives.

    Make your own plant based milk! Oat milk is probably one of the easies alternative milks to make. There are a number of recipes available on the Internet, all of which are generally quick and easy. You can even save the oats and use them for your porridge! A sustainable way of producing your own plant-based milk.

    If you have any questions about soy milk or other dairy-free milk alternatives, you are welcome to email us at or call/text 0406 810 547 for further details.

    We wish you a great rest if your weekend!