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  • Sneha Kalpana - Medicated Ghee and Oil Preparation

    May 07, 2018 2 min read

    Medicated ghee and oil preparation - Sneha Kalpana

    Sneha means fat or a fatty material. Ghee and oil are boiled with Kalka (herbal paste), Swarasa (juice) or Kwatha (herbal decoction) so the active therapeutic properties of the Dravya (herbs) enter into the ghee.

    There are three components of sneha (ghee or oil) preparation:

    1. Dravya (juice or other liquid decoction)
    2. Kalka - a fine paste of the drugs (kashtausadhi)
    3. Sneha - ghee or oil

    Generally the rule is:

    1 part – Kalka (paste)
    4 parts – Sneha (oil or ghee)
    16 parts – Dravya (liquid)

    The Murchita Taila is heated over a moderate fire. Next add the Dravya and the Kalka. This mixture is stirred continuously to ensure the paste does not stick to the vessel. Once all the liquid has evaporated the mixture begins to evaporate. At this stage it must be stirred very carefully so the paste will not burn. There are 4 stages of Paka (cooking) mentioned in the text: Mridu, Madhyama, Khara and Dagdha Paka. Once the correct cooking stages is achieved the oil is filtered.

    The pictures above demonstrate the Sneha Kalpana for Ksheerabala Thaila.
    Reference for this oil is found in Astanga Hridaya Vatarakta Chikitsa.

    1. Bala Kashaya 16 parts
    2. Bala Kalka 1 part
    3. Taila 4 parts
    4. Ksheera 4 parts

    Ksheerabala is used in:
    - Vataroga such as (facial palsy, headaches, hemiplegia, ear pain, cataract, uterine disorder)
    - Gout
    - Rasayana

    This oil can be used internally and externally for Nasya, Abhyanga and .

    If you are interested in learning how to prepare Ayurvedic medicated ghee let us know. We look forward hearing from you

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