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  • Shastika Shali Pinda Sveda

    January 06, 2020 2 min read

    Shastika Shali Pinda Sveda
    Have you experienced authentic Ayurvedic treatments before?

    One of my favourite treatments is the Shastika Shali pinda sveda. 

    It is also known as navarakhizhi in Malayalam, this is one of the most important svedana (sweat inducing) treatments. It is very useful for chronic Vata disease, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, paralysis, muscle weakness or muscle stiffness, disease of the joints such as osteoarthritis and other degenerative conditions or it can be done as a rejuvenation and anti ageing treatment for the healthy person.
    It delays the process of ageing, premature greying of the hair, hair fall out and the appearance of wrinkles.

    In ancient India it was considered to be the treatment for the King.

    After the application of medicinal oil over the whole body, the heated medicinal rice (Navara) puddings which have been cooked with Ayurvedic herbs are applied in the form of boluses tied up in a cotton cloth. The bundles are constantly reheated in a decoction of herbs and cow’s milk.

    During this treatment :
    1. massage
    2. heat and
    3. pressure are applied to the body simultaneously with provides nourishment to the muscles and nerve endings.
    It removes any stiffness of the joints and the bodily channels are cleaned. The blood circulation becomes better and it removes waste products from the body. The complexion becomes beautiful, it promotes a healthy digestive function and restores vigour.
    After the treatment the paste of the rice is removed from the bundle and it is massaged over the body. It is then gently wiped from the body with banana leaves. The person should rest and take a warm bath after 30 minutes.

    If you suffer from any ailments such as heart disease, asthma or fever the treatment will not be suited for you.

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