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  • Panchakarma the ''Soul'' of Ayurveda

    March 29, 2011 1 min read

    Panchakarma is a Sanskrit term that translates as the five (pancha) actions (karma) necessary to cleanse the body of accumulated waste material.

    Panchakarma is a bio-cleansing regimen intended to eliminate the toxic elements from the body and thereby enhances the immunity and revitalises the whole body.

    Panchakarma treatment is unique in its ability to eliminate water based toxins as well as fat soluble toxins from the tissues.
    Through a series of therapeutic procedures that are tailored to the individual, it helps to release, melt, loosen , mobilise and eliminate toxins and impurities from all the bodily tissues.

    Several benefits of Panchakarma

    • cleanses the digestive tract
    • increases energy and vitality
    • increases happiness
    • improves digestion, assimilation
    • improves fertility
    • strengthens the endocrine system
    • balances the mind
    • strengthen the immune system
    • reduces stress and anxiety
    • Detoxifies the liver and blood
    • Improves complexion and skin tone

    Panchkarma available at Lakshmi Ayurveda
    Virechana/ purgation treatment
    Basti/ medicated enema treatment
    Nasya treatment

    Good health is the most valuable possession you could possibly have!

    Panchakarma promotes health in diseased and healthy people

    Charaka Siddhi Sthana 1/53

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