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  • Nasya treatment

    November 16, 2011 2 min read

    Nasya is the procedure in which medications are administered through the nostrils in order to purify the head and neck region
    Su. Chi 40/41

    The medicines which are used for this treatment include oil (most common), powders, paste, swarasa (plant juices), decoctions and smoke.

    Nasa hi shiraso dwaram - this means the nose is the doorway to the head and mind. Being the gateway to the head, Nasya treatment is very effective in the treatment of sense organs and ailments above the neck.

    Many of the nerves emanating from the head have their ends extended to the inner nose, thus the medicines applied there can effectively spread their potency to the entire head and to some parts of the body

    Naysa is devided into three types

    1. Virechana (purgative)
    which drains out the doshas in the nasal passage and the throat and relieves the head of its heaviness. Ideal for headaches related to Kapha dosha, dullness, sinus congestion and nasal polyps.

    2. Brimhana (nourishing)
    This type is more effective in Vata and Pitta conditions.
    Migraines, dryness of the mouth and nose, speech impediments, eye disease, tinnitus, insomnia, cervical spondylitis, paralysis, dementia, macular degeneration, trigeminal neuralgia, tension headaches.

    3. Shamana (palliative)
    This is very useful in premature greying of the hair, chronic eye disease, skin patches, hyper pigmentation, alopecia and hair loss.

    Duration of the treatment: 7-14 days
    Time of administration: the time of nasya treatment is altered to suit the dosha and the season.
    If Kapha is extremely excited, nasya should be done before 10am, In pitta cases - midday is best and in vata cases - evening.

    The procedure involves a gentle massage on shoulders, neck, forehead and face followed by a mild herbal steam before the administration of the the slightly warm oil which is instilled in each nostril.
    After the completion of the treatment it is advised to gargle and follow with the inhalation of medicinal smoke (Dhumapana).

    What are the Benefits of Naysa
    1. Regular use can prevent disease of the ear, nose, throat and head
    2. Effective treatment of hair loss, premature greying and skin conditions.
    3. Strengthening of the sense organs
    4. Highly useful in women disorders
    5. Diseases like common cold, migraine, headache, facial paralysis, etc. can be alleviated.

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