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  • Musta

    January 22, 2020 1 min read

    Yesterday we posted a story asking people to identify this Ayurvedic herb. Most people guessed Jatamamsi. Jatamamsi is an amazing herb having numerous benefits to the nervous system and the mind...

    However, Jatamamsi is not the herb pictured above! It is actually Musta or cyperus rotundus.

    Musta is often used in Ayurveda to promote healthy menstruation. Great for reducing inflammation in the lower abdominal region, used in gastritis, fever and associated burning sensations. Also helps in relieving mental stress and irritation leading up to menstruation.
    It is also used in the treatment of fever.

    Musta is also used in supporting liver and digestive function. It is best used for balancing pitta and kapha dosha but due to the pungent, bitter and astringent qualities can aggravate vata when used in excess. The cold veerya (potency) can assist in balancing pitta dosha while the rooksha (dry) and laghu (light) qualities are great for balancing excess kapha dosha.

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    We look forward to sharing more information about Ayurvedic herbs with you in the future! Have a wonderful weekend