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  • Living an ethical life.

    May 24, 2022 1 min read

    Living an ethical life.
    The number of thefts has seemed to skyrocket as of late. This motivated us to look into the texts of Ayurveda and the wisdom regarding living ethically. The Charaka Samhita provides us with reminders on how we can live a more ethical and considerate lifestyle.

    Non-stealing - Asteya in Sanskrit. Ayurvedic and yogic texts mention the many negative impacts of stealing to both the individual acting upon the stealing (potential karma/actions that will follow) and the person having their possession stolen (any pain of losing a possession).

    The texts mention that true acts of non-theft include no desire for another’s property through a mental thought, the action of stealing, or voicing the desire for another’s property.

    Ayurveda provides us with a holistic approach to life - from ethics, to lifestyle, diet, treatments, herbs and more

    How lucky we are to learn from the wisdom of Ayurveda

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