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  • Jwara Chikitsa - Treating fevers

    April 19, 2022 2 min read

    Jwara Chikitsa - Treating fevers
    Ayurvedic classical texts describe in detail the treatment protocol for fevers. Did you know - the treatment program for a fever can vary from person to person?

    Depending on the symptoms, the amount of digestive toxins, the prominent doshas etc, the treatment suggestions will change.

    Jwara is considered the most powerful of all diseases as it afflicts the body, the senses and the mind

    Jwara is commonly translated as fever which is not the correct translation. Jwara is termed all disease with a metabolic compromise associated with an increase ⬆️  in body temperature.

    The definition of Jwara is

    Jvarayati samtapayati iti jvara. Meaning Jvara is an increase in body temperature and burning sensation all over the body. C.S. Su. 3/4-5.

    Jvara is the most important disease, which can be fatal and causes burning of all three entities (body, indriyas and mind).  C.S Ni 1/31-40.

    The chapter ? of Jwara provides references regarding the possibility of psychological trauma, fear, passion (kama), and a furious nature as the causative factors of fever. Additional causative factors (Hetus) mentioned in the Samhita include:

      1. Dosha aggravation.

      1. Improper Panchakarma therapies.

      1. Abhigata - Trauma, injury.

      1. Shrama - physical exercise.

      1. Kshaya - emaciation.

      1. Visha - poisoning ?

      1. Kala - seasonal variations.

      1. Psychological causes.

      1. Prasuti - during labour.

    The synonyms of Jwara indicate how severe the consequences can be and include:

      1. Mrityu - death.

      1. Atanka - terror.

      1. Ojoshana - loss of ojas.

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