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  • How to Prepare Medicinal Gruel

    April 20, 2020 1 min read

    How to Prepare Medicinal Gruel
    A Medicinal gruel to strengthen your Immunity

    In Kerala during the month of Karkidaka, the rainy season when vata gets vitiated and the immunity decreases this kanji is recommended.

    A medicated gruel (kanji) is recommended during this time to detoxify the body and augment immunity, strength, preserve digestion and pacify the vata dosha.

    Some of the herbs that go into the gruel are sida cordifolia (bala), fenugreek, cumin seeds, coriander powder, pepper, fennel, lead word, ginger and Indian madder.

    How to make the gruel:

    1/4 cup of special red rice (Navara rice) is cooked with sufficient water and 1 tsp of the karkidaka kanni powder is added, the rice is then cooked for another 5 minutes.
    It is then taken off the flame and served hot. Rock salt is added for taste.
    Chopped shallots fried in ghee can also be added

    For emaciation and fatigue, coconut milk and jaggery can be added.
    For swelling and water retention, punarnava can be added.

    For asthama and breathing difficulty, small piece of ginger, yashtimadhu powder(1pinch) can be added.

    There are some variations for Karkidaka kanji powder herbs such as Dashamoola churna, trikatu churna, dashapupsha choorna are used about 5 gms each.

    Dashamoola and Trikatu churna are available at the clinic.
    We wish you a beautiful Sunday.
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