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  • Homemade Trivrit lehyam

    October 23, 2020 1 min read

    Homemade Trivrit lehyam

    Homemade Trivrit lehyam ???

    This classical formulation is mentioned in the Asthanga Hridaya Kalp 2/9

    It is a great remedy for constipation.
    Trivrit is one of the best purgative (virechana) herbs and has many more wonderful benefits.

    It is used in conditions such as liver disorder, gout, headaches, skin ailments and to clear Ama from the digestive organs (stomach, intestines and the colon).
    Today we have made a formulation called Trivrit lehyam, this formulation is often used in the Panchakarma therapy called Virechana (purgation).
    This formulation is not only very effective inducing purgation but it has a very pleasing taste too. ?
    The main ingredients are Trivrit, cinnamon, cinnamon leaf, cardamom and honey. ?
    This formulation should only be taken after consulting an Ayurveda practitioner. ?‍⚕️

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