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  • Have you heard of Sariva?

    December 18, 2020 1 min read

    Have you heard of Sariva?
    Sariva is known as Indian Sarsaparilla, a beautiful red Ayurvedic herb used in a number of different indications ❣️ Its main indication is to treat skin conditions, fever, gout, urinary tract infections and other conditions associated with burning  sensations. The root of this herb is ground to make a powder churna for ingestion.

    Sariva is made of the bitter and sweet tastes and has a sheeta, cooling, quality. It is often used as a blood purifier. This herb can be consumed internally but is also great for external application. Sariva is one of the ingredients in our homemade varnya lepa face mask, as it is one of the herbs noted in the classical texts for improving complexion!

    There are a number of other Ayurvedic herbs used for improving complexion. The qualities of each herb are assessed by an Ayurvedic Practitioner to discern which herb is best for you. Tomorrow we will discuss about the Ayurvedic approach to acne including other herbs and formulations typically used to treat the skin.

    If you suffer from skin conditions and would like to speak with a practitioner further your are welcome to book an appointment. The link to book is in our bio! Alternatively you can call/text us at 0406 810 547 to book with us directly.
    We wish you a great afternoon!

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