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  • Have you had your ginger today?

    May 27, 2022 1 min read

    Have you had your ginger today?
    There are so many uses for both dried and fresh ginger. Did you know the Ayurvedic qualities of Ginger vary based on if it is dried or fresh?

    Fresh ginger is called Ardraka and dry ginger is called Sunthi or Nagara.

    Sunthi/Nagara clears Ama (toxins) from the plasma and blood. It warms the digestive system and increases Agni (digestive fire) and the secretion of enzymes. It clears colds and alleviates cough and breathing difficulties

    ✅ Some tips for using dried ginger:

      • Add ginger to your warm water in the morning.

      • Add ginger to your chai ☕️ for more stimulation!

      • Add to your curries, soups, and veggies for a flavour boost

      • Sip on ginger water if your digestion is feeling sluggish.

      • You can even add a bit of ginger to your desserts or chocolate to help aid the digestive process.

    Ginger soup is one of our favourite winter soups! It is included in our newly released E-Cookbook

    Some of our other products with ginger include our homemade ginger jam, ginger juice, ginger powder, ginger tea and Trikatu. Even our ashwagandha leyham includes ginger!

    Check out the link in our bio for our stock of Ayurvedic products and to view our cookbook ☀️

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