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  • Happy Easter!

    April 20, 2020 2 min read

    Happy Easter!
    From Lakshmi Ayurveda, Happy Easter!

    Rebirth. Resurrection. Rising. New Beginnings. Devotion.

    The meaning of Easter in the Christian religion celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and his death on the cross. His rising from the dead. The symbolism behind Good Friday and Easter are rich in depth, and applicable for anyone interested, regardless of faith and background.

    Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus. The story of Jesus and his betrayal by Judas, his death on the cross. In many Christian households, Good Friday is a day of fasting and observing of our inner morals and actions. What areas of our lives have we sinned, where are we falling short, are we practicing gratitude on a daily basis? These are the questions we are told to ponder today.

    Easter Sunday is celebrated as Jesus resurrection from the dead. A day to be thankful, to understand that our shortcomings are forgiven in the eyes of God, of devotion and gratitude. The day is supposed to bring us back to our faith in God, developing a stronger relationship with what is Holy and sacred.

    Whatever faith you choose to follow, the depth of symbolism in Good Friday and Easter provide us with the opportunity to evaluate our lives, our priorities, our faith. Through meditation on scriptures, prayer, devotion and reflection, we are able to expand on our understanding and build compassion of ourselves and others, as we are also taught in both Yoga and Ayurveda.

    A weekend of reflection and gratitude here at Lakshmi Ayurveda! Don’t forget we are having our first community online Chai and Chat tomorrow at 10am Perth time if you would like to join. You are welcome to email for further details.

    We wish you and your loved ones a Happy Easter!