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  • Do you perform enemas at home?

    August 30, 2022 1 min read

    Do you perform enemas at home?
    We have clients who visit the clinic for their first consultation, explaining that they perform coffee enemas or other cleansing enemas at home without supervision. We always suggest they discontinue these practices. Wonder why? Continue reading to learn why coffee enemas and other cleansing enemas may not be suitable for you.

    Yes, enemas are extremely beneficial for promoting health.

    No, enemas should not always be cleansing in nature.

    No, you may not be suitable for enema treatment unless advised by a professional.

    There is heaps of information available on the internet regarding enema treatment at home. We always choose to follow Ayurvedic guidelines for this powerful treatment for greater long-term benefits.

    Ayurvedic wisdom explains the potential side effects of performing too many cleansing enema treatments, called Niruha basti. As this quote explains, the risk may lead to an increase of Vata Dosha. As a result, this may cause excess gas, bloating, anxiety and feelings of instability.

    Ayurvedic wisdom explains the importance of balancing cleansing enemas with oil-based enemas, call Anuvasana basti. This provides a balance between nourishment and cleansing, offering a deeper impact on all of the bodily tissues.

    Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, as it depends on the state of the individual. For instance, in some cases, more cleansing enema treatments will be prescribed in extreme weight loss measures.

    Curious to learn more about Ayurvedic enema practices? Appointments with our practitioners are available for booking via the link in our bio.

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