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  • Complexion Promoting Herbs - Varnya Mahakashaya

    April 04, 2023 1 min read

    Complexion Promoting Herbs - Varnya Mahakashaya
    As mentioned in our post this week about varnya lepa, our complexion-promoting face mask, Charaka Samhita mentions a number of herbs that can be used. Some of which you may have easy access to!

    Make your own face-pack blend.

    As the quote mentions, Charaka offers 10 optimal hers to use for improving complexion.

    These include:

      • Chandana (sandalwood)

      • Tunga (mustha)

      • Padmaka (prunus cerasoides)

      • Ushira (vetiver)

      • Madhuka (Glycyrrhiza Glabra - Licorice)

      • Manjistha (Indian madder)

      • Sariva (Indian sarsaparilla)

      • Payasya (ipomoea paniculata)

      • Sita (shweta durva)

      • Lata (cynodon dactylon)

    Most of these herbs are bitter, astringent and cool in potency. 

    Therapeutic uses are for acne, blackheads, scars, burn marks, post operations scars, blisters, boils, pigmentation and more

    Have you heard of these complexion promoting herbs before?

    We would love to hear. Comment below

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