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  • Client testimonial

    October 29, 2020 1 min read

    Client testimonial

    Reposted from the Yin Shala:

    Entering a world of Ayurvedic Medicine ?

    This week I experienced 3 days of a Panchakarma cleansing and nurturing program @lakshmiayurveda

    An escape from my usual schedules that life offers us, into a space of rejuvenation by cleansing, clearing and at the same time nurturing the physical and mental body.

    These intensive Ayurvedic therapies have profound effects on the body and mind.
    Each time I allow myself to undergo these ancient purification rituals, I am left feeling clear, light and re-energised.

    I draw myself back to these purification rituals as my understanding rein-forces the power of Ayurveda and it becomes more and more a part of my everyday life.

    The power of natural ancient medicine is still with us today in 2020.

    So grateful ??