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  • Benefits of Bilva

    December 07, 2022 1 min read

    Benefits of Bilva
    A few days ago, Karin wrote about the benefits of the Bilva fruit.

    As discussed in the article, there are numerous uses of Bilva in Ayurveda.

    One of the main uses is to promote healthy digestive function. As indicated in today’s Charaka Samhita quote, Bilva fruit is best for alleviating both Kapha and Vata Doshas. Its sharp and hot potency can increase Pitta in excess.

    The roots of Bilva are very useful in Vata conditions like insomnia, hysteria and are calming for the nervous system. The decoction of the roots is also given in fever, postpartum infections and leucorrhea.  The roots of Bilva are also one ingredient of the famous Ayurvedic formulation called Dashamoola/ ten roots we will be posting more about this in the coming days).

    Check out the article from earlier in the week to learn how to make Bilva tea and more about its benefits.

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