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  • Ayurveda and Postpartum Care

    July 30, 2020 1 min read

    Ayurveda and Postpartum Care

    In Ayurveda , the condition of the woman immediately after delivery is known by the sanskrit term of sutika ??

    A woman is called sutika till one and half month after delivery. Classical vedic texts state the mother can be called sutika up until she has her first menstruation after delivery. According to Kashyapa Samhita sutika kala is for a period of six months.

    After the expulsion of the placenta, the woman should lie on her abdomen.

    Her back should be massaged with Bala oil. Another option is to sit on a chair and bend forward resting the arms on a table or bed.

    The lax/ loose abdomen should be tied with a cloth to avoid the vitiation of Vata in the pelvic area.

    It prevents the formation of empty space caused by the delivery of the foetus. The woman is advised to sleep in knee chest position.

    Dashamularishta is a very benefical tonic to help in balancing Vata and restore the

    digestive fire it can be taken with Jeerakarishtam.

    A light diet should be eaten then gradually increased. Hot jaggery water can be

    given to drink.

    If the mother is not to weak oil massages (abhyanga) can be started from the 3rd or 4th day followed by a warm bath.

    For more information about Ayurveda and pregnancy care or you would like to discuss an Ayurvedic pre pregnancy programme (garbhadhan samskara) please email ???

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