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  • Ayurveda and Oil Pulling - Kavala and Gandusha

    April 20, 2020 2 min read

    Ayurveda and Oil Pulling - Kavala and Gandusha

    One of our topics at Lakshmi Ayurveda’s online chat and chai was oil pulling. What does Ayurveda say? ☕️

    In Ayurveda there are two methods mentioned.
    1. Kavala/ gargling, swishing the liquid in the mouth (pulls out toxins)
    2. Gandusha/ holding the liquid in the mouth without any movement (lubricates)

    Kavala and Gandusha can be done in four ways.
    1. Snaihika to lubricate - best for Vata . This is done with oil such as black seed sesame oil, ghee or coconut oil. Milk or water in which sesame seed paste is mixed is also recommended.
    2. Samana (to mitigate) - best for Pitta. Decoctions of bitter, astringent and sweet drugs that are cold in potency are used along with honey or ghee. This is done for oral ulcers burning sensation in the mouth and upper respiratory infections.

    3. Sodhana (purification) - best for Kapha. This is done with pungent sour and heating substances. It will remove a bad taste, bad smell and dirt from the mouth Warm water with ginger and honey can be used. This is also useful in upper respiratory infections. Triphala kashayam with honey is suitable for this.
    4. Ropana (healing - best in ulcers and stomatitis. This is done with astringent and bitter drugs along with a fatty substance. This is very beneficial to heal ulcers.

    | Gargling with oil removes bad taste, bad smells, inflammation and feelings of numbness in the mouth and is pleasant, strengthens the teeth and promotes the natural affinity for food. |
    Susruta Samhita
    Chi 24:14

    We recommend Iremada thailam
    Iremada thailam is a very popular ayurvedic oil and considered one of the best remedy for dental disease. - Use for Kavala or massage the gums with the oil. This will help to control infections, strengthen the gums, strengthens teeth and improves taste perception.

    The Ayurvedic properties are
    Taste: bitter and astringent
    Potency: cold
    Post digestive effect: heating
    Dosha: Alleviates Kapha and Pitta
    Actions: Haemostatic, anti dermatosis

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    With Love your Lakshmi Team