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  • An Abundance of Brahmi.

    April 06, 2022 2 min read

    An Abundance of Brahmi.
    A great way to spend the weekend with my parents before they are leaving back home to Germany. 

    Dad can’t wait to get his hands on a bottle of Brahmi/ Amla hair growth oil

    We will prepare this from scratch. Watch the space. 

    The Sanskrit word Brahmi is derived from ‘brahma’ the creator of the universe.

    Ayurvedic properties are:

      • Rasa: tikta and kashaya

      • Guna: laghu (light) and sara(laxative)

      • Virya: sheeta

      • Vipaka: madhura

      • Prabhava/ special potency: alleviates apasmara/ epilepsy and unmada/ hysteria

      • Dosha: Tridosha mainly Kaphapittahara, can increase Vata in excess

    It’s Ayurvedic actions are:

      1. Medhya, intellect promoting, boosts the memory,

      1. Useful in disorders such as epilepsy (Apasmara)

      1. Rasayana, it is also praised as a Majjadhatu rasayana as it rejuvenates the nervous system. Useful in Parkinson’s, ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome.

      1. Shotha/ oedema – brahmi has a mild diuretic property

      1. Smritiprada – promotes the intellect and intelligence.

      1. Samjna sthapana- restores consciousness

      1. Ayushya – increases longevity

      1. Vishahara – anti poising properties

      1. Kasa/ cough. In hoarseness of voice brahmi, pippali, vasa and haridra is chewed.

      1. Pandu/ Anaemia

      1. Prameha/ Diabetes.

      1. Kusthaghna – alleviates skin conditions especially with an underlying nervous imbalance.

      1. Jwara

      1. Anuloma – redirects the flow of vata downwards

      1. Hridaya – heart tonic

      1. Balya- gives strength (especially to the mind)

      1. It can cool the heat of cystitis and pain of dysuria by eliminating pitta out of the mutravahasrotas. Medicated milk with brahmi is best for this.

      1. Brahmi nourishes all seven dhatus (tissues)

    Parts used: The whole plant

    Brahmi can also be used externally: The paste prepared of Brahmi churna is applied in arthritis to relieve the pain and swelling of the joints.

    The medicated oil of Brahmi augments hair growth and imparts calming effect on the mind.

    We wish you a beautiful Sunday.

    With Love Karin 

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