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  • Garshana Massage

    July 24, 2019 1 min read

    Garshana Massage
    Have you tried a Garshana Massage?

    Garshana is a dry massage aimed at stimulating the skin and lymphatic system. The use of silk gloves are particularly recommended for those with a Vata constitution due to the gloves soothing and soft nature. Those with primarily Kapha or Pitta constitution or imbalances are advised to use a dry brush.

    The friction and static electricity created during the massage refreshes and stimulates the skin, improving metabolism and blood circulation.

    Garshan massage helps to eliminate toxins, fat, and exfoliate dead skin cells.

    Perform the massage with the silk gloves for 5 minutes prior to bathing. Massage the skin with both gloves on rapidly and vigorously. Use circular strokes on the joints. Only very softly brush over the face, chest and heart with the gloves.

    Garshan can be followed by oil massage or used as an alternative. If you have any questions about which glove or brush to use you are welcome to contact us at 0406 810 547 or email The gloves and brushes are available in the Lakshmi shop and online! Have a beautiful day, with love from the Lakshmi team