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  • Ayurvedic Uses of Mukta

    January 06, 2020 1 min read

    Ayurvedic Uses of Mukta
    Mukta - a natural pearl and its Ayurvedic uses.

    Best to wear in Summer

    The Pearl is a moon stone and is considered to help overcome obstacles in life due the energies of the moon. The pearl which shines like a star, smooth and clear, light in weight, pleasing, round, and looks like clear water is considered the best. It is said that the goddess Lakshmi will give the person blessings who is wearing them and they enjoy good fortune. According to rasa paddhati there are three types of lustre in the pearls:

    madhucchaya – like honey
    sitachaya – like sita/ sugar
    srikhandachaya – like butter/ cream
    The pearl lustre of srikhandachaya (butter/cream) is considered to be of superior quality.

    Pearls are used to prepare classical Ayurvedic formulations called bhasma and pishti. Being alkaline in nature it is used in hyperacidic conditions of the stomach. Its chemical compostion is CaCo3 (Calcium Carbonate) so it is a good natural source of Calcium.

    Pearl necklaces are good to wear in summer month. They are useful in hormonal imbalance, headaches, migraine, loss of concentration and memory, insomnia, uterine disorders, infertiliy, heart disesase (Hridroga), eye disease, depression, and help to deal with stress.

    Its Ayurvedic pharmacological and therapeutic properties are

    Rasa (tase) – madhura/ sweet
    Guna (qualities)- sita/ cold, laghu/light, mrdu/ soft
    Virya (potency)- sita/ cold
    Dosha: Pittahara/ pacifies aggravated pitta dosha
    Beautiful freshwater pearls are now available – hand made jewellery from Europe and Australia.

    A wonderful gift idea for Christmas.