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  • Tips for the Festive Season.

    January 04, 2022 2 min read

    Tips for the Festive Season.
    Stay healthy this Christmas and New Years season with a few simple Ayurvedic Tips. 

    It is easy to find ourselves out of balance during this time of the year. Christmas parties, lots of cake, cookies, alcohol and indulgences. Ayurveda offers very practical advise to keep your body and mind in balance during the holiday season.

      1. Continue exercise: Called Vyayama in Ayurveda, physical activity is important to maintaining the agni, digestive fire, and encouraging balance to the doshas.

      1. Food: Have you heard about incompatible food combinations? Called, viruddha hara, poor food combination can lead to the accumulation of AMA in the body, digestive toxins. One of the major incompatible food combos would be combining fruits with other foods. We see this so often during this time of the year. Fruits should be eaten alone or between meals, not with a main meal. Bananas and milk are also incompatible. 

      1. Sleep: called nidra in Sanskrit, it is important to maintain good sleep hygiene by aiming to be in bed and waking in the morning at consistent times.

      1. Stay hydrated. The weather is very hot over this Christmas season - make sure you are hydrating. Refrain from excessive alcohol consumption. Check out our recent article regarding alcohol during the festive season.

      1. Self Care - practice self care with an at home abhyanga, face massage and face pack. Take time each day for yourself.

    If you are interested in kick-starting your health routine, we recommend booking in to see one of our practitioners in the new year. Booking is available via our website. The link to view is in our bio.

    Wishing you a lovely and safe festive season.

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