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  • Sadhaka Pitta

    January 08, 2021 1 min read

    Sadhaka Pitta
    Another beautiful quote from the classical Ayurvedic texts!
    Turning our awareness inward. How can we practice increased loving kindness towards ourselves and others?
    Ayurveda states that the seat of consciousness arises in the heart ❤️ Sadhaka pitta is a subtype of the pitta Dosha located in the area of the heart ❤️ and the brain. When in a state of imbalance, Sadhaka pitta can result in a lack of motivation, anger, depression, and poor self esteem. When in a state of imbalance we may struggle to treat others and ourselves with compassion.

    Therefore, balancing all doshas and ensuring sadhaka pitta is functioning optimally can help us to cultivate increased clarity in our lives. How to balance sadhaka pitta? Spending time in nature, relaxing, gentle exercise and yoga, meditation, daily routine and nourishing foods are a few recommendations. Daily oil massage is also beneficial.

    We wish you a great afternoon!

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